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Posted by ShibbyMedia - May 9th, 2009


I haven't posted anything for a while so here's an update on what I've been doing.

I released Down the Well a few days ago. I wouldn't call it a great game (I mainly made it so I could experiment with the art), but I think it's still worth a play. I made a statue of quote from cave story and put it one of the levels (which took freaking ages to get right), so it'd be worth it to get up to that part at least.

Me and programmer Quentin from France have been working on the yet-to-be-named shooter 'project moon collapse' for over a year now, and have mainly been fiddling around with ideas and graphics and such. We've finally come up with a final concept for the game, and are in the motion of finally bringing everything together. The game is going to involve an Australian marine and a mysterious companion who have been sent to investigate and extract a suspicious threat located in a building in Southern Romania. It will involve story based gameplay with voice acting, alot of killing, numerous types of guns and enemies, a large hellish boss and a car/bike chase at the end (involving the employment of a large chain gun :D). Don't expecting anything too soon, as I've also got an HSC to contend with and Quentin is also busy with school. Maybe expect it out late summer early autumn/spring.

New Game & Game in the works

Posted by ShibbyMedia - March 7th, 2009

Here's a lvl in a game i'm making at the moment. Controls are: arrow keys for movement and space for interacting.

What do you think

Who wants to test out a lvl in my game

Posted by ShibbyMedia - October 17th, 2008

Hello all.

I have been pretty flat out lately on making flash. I was about to send off a retro "evolution" themed game a few days ago, but ran into a whole heap of bugs that are probably going to take ages to fix. So yeah that won't be out for a while.

As for my major unnamed project that I'm temporarily naming "Project Moon Collapse", things are going pretty well. I've got about 3 minutes of cut scene animation to do, as well as the animation of some bosses, and some finalization of a lot of the in game graphics. The game lags like fuck at the moment, which is the main problem that we're going to have to overcome before we get this game out. Screenshots are listed below.

After finishing cavestory on hard route for the 4rth time, I became heavily inspired to create a retro styled adventure game with similar graphics to that of pixel's. After much experimentation, I have come up with some of the base tiles and objects for a game that I have yet to name as well. I plan to spend alot of time on this one, working on alot of backstory information, side quests, bonuses and deep environment exploration. Screenshots from paint are listed below

In other news, I recently obtained the new Bleeding Through and Cradle of filth albums, and I must say they are both quite good. I expected them both to be very plain like most metallic albums these days, but I was wrong. I also bought "The fathomless Mastery" by bloodbath, which I was very disappointed with. Although the songs were very well recorded and brutal as anything, most of the songs were plain and boring, with no single standard tracks to be heard.

I'm counting down the days till the new Faceless album comes out, as well as the new Psycroptic album "Observant". Hopefully they'll both be as awesome as their previous albums. Hopefully.

Below is a picture of the main char from "Project Moon Collapse". If you want to see more then click the hyperlinks above.


Posted by ShibbyMedia - September 30th, 2008

Hi, i'm currently making an "Evolution Platformer". Half of the game is set in an 8bit styled universe as seen below. I am finding it extremely hard to find any music for the game, and was wondering if anyone knew any good resources or websites.


Need help finding 8bit NES styled music for GAME

Posted by ShibbyMedia - August 15th, 2008

Hello all.

I haven't posted anything in a fair while, so here's an update on all the things i'm working on atm.
Better quality blast picture
Moon game pic 2
Adventure pic 1



Posted by ShibbyMedia - June 11th, 2008

About 2 months ago, I started work on what would be my first "realistic" gory shooter type game. It's based on the destruction of the moon, and the evil effects created by this. The game play will revolve around about 5 different rooms as you try to make your way through hordes of various evil things. So far we've added about 8 different weapons which include: Rocket launcher, AK, magnum, M4 and desert eagle.

In game screenshot can be found here - http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/563 9/screenshot1001fr2.jpg

Probably expect it out in a couple of months or so.

New GAME in the works

Posted by ShibbyMedia - April 21st, 2008

Quite recently I picked up one of my platformers i was doing a while ago, and decided to finish it off. I've started adding some RPG elements into the game, as well as touching up on the general storyline. The game will involve a boy called Magmok, as he travels around to certain areas defeating bosses and platforming it to retrieve gems and stones. You will be conveniently equipped with a bow arrow to help you smash your enemies and bring down massive bosses.

In other news, the online game "Ultimate Online Checkers" was released, which featured my graphics. It's pretty much like normal checkers, but with various themes, money, and buyable upgrades. It also has a multiplayer mode, which is pretty nifty.


New game in the works.

Posted by ShibbyMedia - October 10th, 2007

A couple of days ago my band and I created a demo called "fire god", and so decided we should do what everyone else does and set up a myspace. Our band is called "Octopus Monocle", named after a series of weird drawings by our bassist jacob. Our myspace is: www.myspace.com/octopusmonocleofficial
If you don't like death metal then its probably a good idea not to copy that url.

I also recently released an arty acidy styled cartoon called Conformist Alert!!, which can be found somewhere on this page.

For updates on all my games then please visit shibbymedia.wordpress.com


Posted by ShibbyMedia - July 18th, 2007

First post!

If you would like to see screenshots and stuff of my latest work then please visit my blog at www.shibbymedia.net

And thats about it. I'll post some proper news when something good comes up, which probably won't happen for a while D: