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New game in the works.

2008-04-21 07:22:57 by ShibbyMedia

Quite recently I picked up one of my platformers i was doing a while ago, and decided to finish it off. I've started adding some RPG elements into the game, as well as touching up on the general storyline. The game will involve a boy called Magmok, as he travels around to certain areas defeating bosses and platforming it to retrieve gems and stones. You will be conveniently equipped with a bow arrow to help you smash your enemies and bring down massive bosses.

In other news, the online game "Ultimate Online Checkers" was released, which featured my graphics. It's pretty much like normal checkers, but with various themes, money, and buyable upgrades. It also has a multiplayer mode, which is pretty nifty.


New game in the works.


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2008-04-21 07:37:24

Sounds sexy


2008-04-21 07:47:37

Looks cool. Geif a demo or beta or something now.


2008-04-21 12:30:21

Sweet. Do I see lasers there?


2008-04-21 18:30:54

Yeah, i would put my penis in that


2008-04-21 20:52:55

woah, i see lasers and thats giving me a hardon, cant wait til it comes out [harharhar. get it? a pun!]


2008-04-21 23:49:25



2008-04-22 20:56:58

From the screenshot it looks great, I hope it'll have customizable characters and armor/weapons that change appearance... The stuff like that really adds to the game experience IMO.


2008-04-22 22:55:42

Wow, I really like your style. I'm gonna have to check out your work.