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2008-08-15 08:27:16 by ShibbyMedia

Hello all.

I haven't posted anything in a fair while, so here's an update on all the things i'm working on atm.
Better quality blast picture
Moon game pic 2
Adventure pic 1




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2008-08-15 10:51:11

Don't blur it that way my friend.

If you want to emulate smoke, make some smaller mcz with less shading and some transparency and (maybe) blur. Make it start to propagate quickly, and slow it down as it fades away.

If you want flames, use no blur. use bright colors and maybe some glow effect, but do it wisely. The flames should run away quickly. Don't fade them with alpha; just make the flames smaller until there's nothing left to see.

Don't forget to make everything move away from the center point of the blast.

Good luck with the projects.


2008-08-15 10:52:14

The picture with the blue blob you posted wasn't the right choice for a screenshot to post, heh. No idea what's going on.

The "Adventure pic" game's game looks cool though.


2008-08-15 10:55:23

The explosion bunch of jelly, the blur hurts my eyes. The adventure pic looks interesting and the Moon game looks like a game where you annihilate everything. Looks awesome so far.


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