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Who wants to test out a lvl in my game

2009-03-07 23:24:30 by ShibbyMedia

Here's a lvl in a game i'm making at the moment. Controls are: arrow keys for movement and space for interacting.

What do you think

Who wants to test out a lvl in my game


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2009-03-07 23:31:42

The level looks pretty good. Can't wait to see the rest of the game.


2009-03-07 23:38:12

wow man, this really hard ><!!


2009-03-07 23:40:54

I like the concept of it. There hasn't been a game out on NG like this in quite some time.

Feels right to go old school...


2009-03-07 23:41:52

i though it was pretty good, need a little background music and i hope you pu a story line and some cut-scenes, i think this kinda of game becomes a lot better wen you have some objective and expectations for cut-scenes, also i think the dying animation was just a little too slow, in a really hard stage that you die several times waiting so much after a death can become frustating.


2009-03-07 23:47:05

ooh, I do pick me


2009-03-07 23:52:13

It took a couple tries but i made it. That's exactly what a lvl needs a challenge but not so much that you get pissed off at it. Good Job


2009-03-07 23:52:38

This game angers me. in a good way. keep up the good work ill keep my eye out for it.


2009-03-08 00:04:36

It was fun. I did find one little thing. At the start of the level, near where the first spring is there is a small platform close to starting area that fades away if you stand on it for to long. I found that I could stand on air near the wall to the left of this platform and if i jumped i would progressively move a step higher each time I landed until i was on the same level as the starting area. Its a small thing that didn't take away from the enjoyment but I thought you should know.

ShibbyMedia responds:

I think i noticed that a while back too. Thanks for letting me know, i'm fixing it up now.


2009-03-08 00:16:47

Very interesting style you have there! It's not clear to me what the role of the spacebar is, as talking to that stuff doesn't appear to achieve anything. It would be swell if you have to talk to certain characters to advance, but it creates the problem of, how do you tell who you can talk to and who will kill you?

Also is the game going to be a series of linear stages or will you be able to go wherever you want?

ShibbyMedia responds:

You can space the pillar light looking things, and the rabbit guys near the start.

It'll be linear, but perhaps with a few shortcuts or secret routs.


2009-03-08 00:27:37

Gahhh! Very well made and solid, but the level design is killing me. Literally. Hopefully this isn't the first level. Also, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to jump on or avoid things, and what those things were, so maybe make that more clear?

Plays great though. Just make it less tedious. After dying 10 times without making any progress I gave up.


2009-03-08 00:28:38

Very good, you definitly have the makings of a good game


2009-03-08 00:41:55

Cute :3

-Couldn't tell who were enemy's after those people at the grave seemed nice
-Nothing towards the end of the level (I'm sure your still making it)
-If you hold jump in one spot the sound of his jump won't play
-Score, bombs and things I'm sure your still working on and everything
- Near the end in a hole (with bricks around) you jump in the top left corner and go a bit through the roof. Nothing too big.
- Took me a while to figure out to jump on the enemy's heads but I don't know what ones you can and can't jump on (Probably for the instructions on the main menu of the game when you make it)


2009-03-08 01:01:52

Fun stuff m8

keep it up looks like a good one


2009-03-08 01:25:34

Not bad. Jump height looks reasonable. Would be nice to know who I can jump on without dying. Overall, I like it and look forward to seeing it.


2009-03-08 01:46:57

if you jump into the side of a wall you stick to it


2009-03-08 03:08:06

It's good!
I will play the finished product...


2009-03-08 03:51:38

It's pretty cool. The hittests are really sensitive and it can be a little hard to jump on some of the smaller enemies. I love the standby animations you did for the citizens and the main character. Simple, but is very reminiscent to the style of the older games.

Here's a music author that has done some good 8-bit music:
(Maybe you can get some requests)


2009-03-08 03:56:12

cool style you got going there. My one problem was figuring out what I could and couldn't touch. I generally found out the hard way. Also what I could and couldn't stomp on.
Other than that pretty cool. Nice and fairly difficult.


2009-03-08 04:33:54

The level is pretty good it has some bugs like when u are at the jumping platform sometimes u dont jump and theres alittel motion bug that sometimes your characters starts to jump higther for much more time and sometiems he jump really short and u cant go anywhere.You might change the difficulty or fix the littel bugs try not to make so jumpy platfromers at some levels.


2009-03-08 05:26:25

Good game, I liked it.

And the only glitches I found were minor and insignificant (ie. the walking on sides of blocks already mentioned, and standing when your feet aren't technically touching a block or walking into invisible walls next to blocks (minor graphical things, and completely understandable considering the hittests)).

One thing I would suggest though, is that when you hit the space bar during a description, it shows the whole description, and then the next press of space then moves on.
What I mean is, when you interact with an object, the text starts coming up. Pressing space while it is coming up will exit the description. I think it would work better if that press of space instantly shows the whole description, and the next closes the window.

Oh, and you can collect those fire looking things under the platforms (there's one on the first disappearing platform too) by dying and 'falling' on them.

Anyway, it's a great looking game, can't wait to see the finished version!


2009-03-08 06:07:48

Awesome, remember to make the levels variating so it won't get repetitive, and you got a first class game!


2009-03-08 07:17:14

old school. nice man.


2009-03-08 09:47:28

good level. add some pixelized music, maybe a checkpoint in the middle of each level, and once it get's in the portal I'll vote 5/5.


2009-03-08 10:27:28

It is very hard.


2009-03-08 10:58:28

The graphics are pretty cool and such. Maybe make the character jump less high when dieing, it looks a little awkward right now...


2009-03-08 11:07:25

I didn't know I could jump on guy's heads, and I think DOWN should be the interaction button, because then you could play it with one hand. That's allways a plus.
I think you should do some retro-ass boxart to go along with this game. I'd make the loading screen like a page in a magazine advertising this game and, like they usually do, make it sound way more advanced than it actually is. That's me though.


2009-03-08 12:53:26

woo got 2 the end in second try