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Need help finding 8bit NES styled music for GAME

2008-09-30 03:44:53 by ShibbyMedia

Hi, i'm currently making an "Evolution Platformer". Half of the game is set in an 8bit styled universe as seen below. I am finding it extremely hard to find any music for the game, and was wondering if anyone knew any good resources or websites.


Need help finding 8bit NES styled music for GAME


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2008-09-30 06:17:47

Did you try the audio section?
(Wow, this must have been the stupidest question I have asked)
I guess you couldtry some me websites deticated to a certain game that offer their music. There is this one: x.php?title=Main_Page
But that All I know.


2008-09-30 10:24:15

NG Audio portal + browse video game genre/search for "8bit".

Pic is looking hawt.


2008-09-30 12:30:33

Check out this I submitted yesterday: /462277


2008-09-30 15:31:29

Try this site:

I'm using the 8-bit music from there for the platformer game I'm "trying" to make.


2008-09-30 16:15:50

Thats... not 8 bit. 8 bit is a colour limit of 3 colours + alpha channel per 8x8 square, they can be as detailed as you like, as long it is within those limits. Also has, I think, a 52 overall colour limit.