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New GAME in the works

2008-06-11 08:56:33 by ShibbyMedia

About 2 months ago, I started work on what would be my first "realistic" gory shooter type game. It's based on the destruction of the moon, and the evil effects created by this. The game play will revolve around about 5 different rooms as you try to make your way through hordes of various evil things. So far we've added about 8 different weapons which include: Rocket launcher, AK, magnum, M4 and desert eagle.

In game screenshot can be found here - 9/screenshot1001fr2.jpg

Probably expect it out in a couple of months or so.

New GAME in the works


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2008-06-11 09:31:53

Looks exciting. Can't wait for the game to come out ^_^ Good luck!


2008-06-11 09:32:54

Wow, looks good!
Can't wait to play it ^^
I like the 2nd monster (looks like a scorpian XD)


2008-06-11 09:43:44

That looks pretty shweet actually.

It almost looks 3D.


2008-06-11 10:09:42

that looks awesome.

looking forward to it.


2008-06-11 11:50:44

All UR Moon R belong to us!

I can't wait. :)


2008-06-11 14:45:45

cool and creepy


2008-06-11 15:55:25

Wasn't that that game that you were going to make for the '360 arcade or something?


2008-06-11 16:47:49

hmmm.... i dunno
maybe you could add a sword to the game xD
haha the guy looks like made of paper hehehehe
and music, something that make u really want to kill someone or destroy things heheheheh
hope this game will be exellent and bloody hehehe


2008-06-11 19:26:18

those screenshots dont portray much urgency =(

Everyone's standing around looking pretty bored.


2008-06-11 21:56:41

looks like you need to quit ripping off alien and come up with some original ideas


2008-06-12 03:44:37

o wao great graphics, Im really digging the monsters!