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New Game & Game in the works

2009-05-09 09:36:35 by ShibbyMedia


I haven't posted anything for a while so here's an update on what I've been doing.

I released Down the Well a few days ago. I wouldn't call it a great game (I mainly made it so I could experiment with the art), but I think it's still worth a play. I made a statue of quote from cave story and put it one of the levels (which took freaking ages to get right), so it'd be worth it to get up to that part at least.

Me and programmer Quentin from France have been working on the yet-to-be-named shooter 'project moon collapse' for over a year now, and have mainly been fiddling around with ideas and graphics and such. We've finally come up with a final concept for the game, and are in the motion of finally bringing everything together. The game is going to involve an Australian marine and a mysterious companion who have been sent to investigate and extract a suspicious threat located in a building in Southern Romania. It will involve story based gameplay with voice acting, alot of killing, numerous types of guns and enemies, a large hellish boss and a car/bike chase at the end (involving the employment of a large chain gun :D). Don't expecting anything too soon, as I've also got an HSC to contend with and Quentin is also busy with school. Maybe expect it out late summer early autumn/spring.

New Game & Game in the works


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2009-05-09 10:02:00

Looks good.


2009-05-09 14:34:41

looks good, need any voice work for it?


2009-05-09 18:50:26

need sounds?


2009-11-14 07:18:48

Wow! looks awesome!


2010-05-02 11:38:06

it looks great but, are those zombie?


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